Recommendation to parents

The main aim of the school is to create a highly maintained atmosphere of discipline, manners, knowledge and better education among the students for which your co-operation and close contact with the school authorities is required.

Your prompt attention to the teacher's notes, remarks and their work is very essential for a joint and unified effort to offer excellent education to your ward.

In order to enquire about the progress of your ward or to contact the school authorities you must visit the office during the visiting hours only.

Parents have to take prior permission to meet teachers.

1. Homework and other activities of the school must be note:
Completely in this diary every day.

2. Parents/Guardians must see the diary daily and guide their Ward accordingly.

3. The dairy must be shown to the parents/guardians and Brought back with their replies in case of notes or remarks Made to them by the teachers.

4. The students should fix study hours for home study.

5. Instructions of the teachers should be read carefully.

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